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Last Updated: April 3rd, 2020 

What You Need to Know about Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a viral respiratory infection that shares symptoms with a common cold and typically includes dry cough, respiratory problems, and tiredness. However, in some cases, these symptoms can evolve to develop a more serious condition.

It's not the first time the world has seen a Coronavirus. Identified as COVID-19, this virus is from the same family as the SARS and MERS.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Latest Updates
Country Confirmed Cases Total Recovered
United States 245,656 9,311
Spain 117,710 30,513
Italy 115,242 18,278
Germany 85,903 22,440
Mexico 1,510 633
Current Cases of Coronavirus in Mazatlan:1

Current Status of Coronavirus in Mazatlan

COVID-19 is a virus that has been affecting people on a worldwide scale, and Mexico hasn’t been exempt from this. For the moment, there is a total of 1,510 Coronavirus confirmed cases; from these, 35 have already recovered.

The undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez, announced they are implementing stronger measures to protect the population; therefore, places or events with concentrations of more than 100 people are no longer allowed due to the activation of Phase 2 of COVID-19 Contingency Plan.

In the State of Sinaloa, there’ve been 22 confirmed cases. From these, The Ministry of Health announced, unfortunately, one is from Mazatlan. The person is under surveillance and out of risk or further contagion.

What is happening in Mazatlan regarding...

Airports —

In the previous days, Mexico and The United States reached an agreement restricting non-essential trips to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. This measure resulted in the cancellation of 13 airport operations, including the Mazatlan Airport, as of today.

There are some airlines that are taking measures on their flights to Mexico:

  • Interjet: flight bookings with travel dates through June 30, 2020, between Mexico and other countries can be re-scheduled, free of charge. This schedule change can be made through November 30, 2020. The only restriction is to maintain the same route.
  • Southwest Airlines: All flights suspended through May 4, 2020.

Hotels —

As the situation develops, Hotels and restaurants from Mazatlan are experiencing low visits, and even though they are taking their sanitary measures to protect clients and employees, the Municipal Health Council announced that some hotels decided to close up until April 2, 2020.

Many other hotels remain open, but they've installed hygiene filters for their guests and employees, such as temperature check and giving them antibacterial.

RIU, a Spanish chain of hotels, has decided to close their Mazatlan destination. They stated that the decision was made due to the impact of low occupancy they are having because of all the isolation restrictions to prevent Coronavirus. They announced their closure from March 23 until after Easter. Still, they said they're maintaining their operations, for the moment, in Cancun, Nuevo Vallarta, Los Cabos, Costa Mujeres, and Playa del Carmen.

In the case of Hotel Aguamarina, they announced their decision to close temporarily, starting their operations again on April 20, 2020.

Another establishment that decided to temporarily close its doors is Hotel Playa Mazatlan that will remain closed until April 30th. Read more.

An announced by the Mayor, Luis Benitez, hotels can remain functional, complying with an operation reduced to 50% of their capacity.

Bars, Business and Restaurants —

The Municipal Health Council in Mazatlan announced during a session that they asked businesses and restaurants to install Hygiene filters to protect from COVID-19, same as hotels. These are temperature checks of every client and antibacterial in their front doors for them to use it and prevent the infection from spreading.

As a prevention measure, the Governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, announced and ordered a temporary suspension of cinemas, casinos, clubs, and bars activities. These actions will take place from March 23 until further notice. Also, they said that some activities and attractions were suspended, inside these are Mazatlan's Aquarium and El Faro.

After the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Mazatlan, Mayor Luis Benitez has announced the temporary closure of bars, clubs, casinos, crowded places, gyms, etc. starting March 26th, until further notice. He added these measures are in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus contingency plan.

In the case of restaurants, they will continue operating, but up to a 50% capacity, and following strict sanitary measures like periodical disinfecting of the establishment, placement of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, social distancing through table placements, among others. Beach zones remain open.

The current situation has caused other activities or monuments to close. One of them is the famous "El Faro" which will remain closed to avoid crowds, until further notice. Read more.

Cruise Ships —

As a worldwide situation, many companies have been doing all types of efforts to minimize the Coronavirus’ spread, and Cruise ships companies are not staying behind. Consequently, cruise ship arrivals to Mexico are canceled for up to 5 weeks, for the moment. This time frame will be evaluated, and, possibly, extended depending on the evolution of the situation.

The measure has been adopted by many cruise operators like Disney, Princess, Norwegian, Carnival, Celebrity, Regent Seven Seas, Amadeo, Holland, and others, canceling for the moment all upcoming arrivals.

Today, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Princess Cruises announced that, due to the Coronavirus situation, they are extending their suspension of operations until May 11. The remaining of Cruise Companies previously mentioned (Disney, Norwegian, Carnival, etc.) are still aiming to go back to business after the 5-week suspension, around April 11.

What about Spring Break in Mazatlan?

The Mazatlan Airport operations have been suspended, as well as massive events, or gatherings of more than 100 participants. If you had already booked a tour or activity with us, please contact us to help you. You can contact us at our Toll-Free line from U.S.A and Canada 1 (877) 847-7297.

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More Information On Coronavirus COVID-19

Who is affected by Coronavirus?

Anyone can be affected by Coronavirus. However, children and young adults only develop mild symptoms. Advanced age adults (+60 years old) or over are more prone to developing complications, especially those with existing medical conditions like severe heart conditions or lung problems.

For the rest of the population, the symptoms are similar to those of influenza or a common cold.

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm scared. Should I cancel my trip?

At the moment, it is known that there are some travel restrictions in countries around the world. An example of this is the US and Mexico that we mentioned before, where they restricted non-essential travel. The decision to cancel your trip is entirely up to you after you’ve evaluated your situation. Nevertheless, we encourage you to postpone your trip instead of canceling. For the moment, in Mazatlan, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments are taking the proper sanitary measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading more in the city.

I booked tours and activities with you. What can I do?
Don't worry! We understand the current situation and if you are cancelling your trip to Mazatlan, we can help you to re-schedule or postpone your activity for the upcoming months. You can call us to our TOLL-FREE for USA and Canada at 1 (877) 847-7297. We are here to assist you!

The media mentions the word Pandemic. Does this mean it's deadly?
The word Pandemic is used for Coronavirus because it is a viral condition that has recently spread to various geographic regions around the world, affecting large numbers of people. It doesn't have any correlation with the mortality rate of the disease. We are already seeing significant recovery in countries where the right measures are being implemented, despite the high number of people who contracted the virus, like in China, for example.

How to Protect Yourself

As you know, the way Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads is through droplets from people who carry the virus. The best way to protect yourself is to follow personal hygiene habits and advise.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Clean your hands often
  • Practice social distancing
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

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